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WWE Should Host a Second Evolution Event in 2024

Triple H and Becky Lynch (Via WWE/Twitter)

In 2018, WWE debuted the groundbreaking Evolution event, showcasing an all-female card with wrestling stars like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey, and the Bella Twins. The event symbolized a significant shift in the industry towards gender equality and empowerment within wrestling.

Over the past six years, WWE’s women’s divisions have flourished in terms of talent and popularity. WWE Women’s Champion Bayley has recently advocated for a second all-women Premium Live Event like Evolution in 2024. Here are four compelling reasons why WWE should make this happen:

1. WWE is currently brimming with talent, with deep rosters on RAW and SmackDown, making it easier to plan and execute matches for the show. The event could feature unique match types like the Fight Pit or NXT Underground matches, catering to women with MMA backgrounds. A battle royal could also be included, offering the winner a future title opportunity.

2. With six Premium Live Events already scheduled through August, there is ample room to replace one with the second Evolution show. Events like Extreme Rules and TLC, while entertaining, could make way for a groundbreaking all-women’s event, providing a platform for lesser-utilized stars to shine.

WWE Headquarters (Via WWE/Twitter)

3. NXT, once a developmental brand, has evolved into a formidable third brand for WWE. Involving NXT stars in the Evolution event could introduce them to a larger audience and pave the way for their future success on the main roster. It would be a strategic move to showcase the depth of talent within the NXT roster.

4. The event would offer a chance for underutilized stars such as Natalya, Michin, Alba Fyre, Isla Dawn, and Tegan Nox to secure prominent spots on a Premium Live Event. This opportunity could be a game-changer for their careers, allowing them to showcase their skills and potentially steal the show.

Hosting a second Evolution event in 2024 would not only celebrate the progress made in women’s wrestling but also provide a platform for emerging talent to shine. With the abundance of talent within WWE and the growing demand for women’s wrestling, the time is ripe for another groundbreaking event like Evolution.

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