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Real-life Bloodline Member Zilla Fatu Adds a Twist to His Moves, Wins Big Match

Jey Uso with Zilla Fatu (Via WWE/Twitter)

Zilla Fatu, a member of the real-life Bloodline, has been making waves outside WWE by showcasing his skills in Reality of Wrestling, Booker T’s promotion. While excelling in singles competition and teaming up with Jacob Fatu before his WWE signing, Zilla has now made significant changes to his moveset. He has incorporated Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch into his arsenal, combining it with the Samoan Spike to create the devastating Superman Samoan Spike.

This alteration in his offense proved effective as he recently used it to secure a victory in a match at Reality of Wrestling, garnering attention and sparking discussions online. Zilla Fatu has expressed his desire to transition to WWE while emphasizing his intention to carve out a unique path separate from other Anoa’i Family members like Roman Reigns. He aims to bring a fresh perspective and storyline to his WWE journey, distinct from his relatives’ experiences.

Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns on SmackDown (Via WWE/Twitter)

In a statement, Zilla Fatu highlighted his family’s rich history with WWE and his aspiration to uphold that legacy by not being the first Fatu or Anoa’i to join AEW. He emphasized the importance of individual journeys and storytelling, emphasizing that his narrative is distinct from others in his family. Despite his reservations about AEW, Zilla’s potential WWE future, possibly intersecting with Roman Reigns’ narrative, remains uncertain.

As Zilla Fatu continues to evolve his in-ring style and aspirations, his unique approach to entering the WWE terrain sets him apart as a rising talent to watch. His blend of traditional Samoan heritage with contemporary wrestling techniques adds an intriguing layer to his persona, hinting at a promising future in professional wrestling.

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