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Enzo Amore: The Controversial Draw

WWE Raw and Fans (Via WWE/Twitter)

Enzo Amore, a former WWE Superstar, maintains his confidence in his drawing power, asserting that fans recognize it too. Despite being fired by World Wrestling Entertainment in early 2018 amidst sexual assault allegations, the case was eventually closed due to insufficient evidence. Since then, Enzo has been active on the independent wrestling scene, where he continues to charm audiences, reminiscent of his WWE days where he garnered massive fan support.

In a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, the 37-year-old wrestler expressed his belief that fans still consider him a significant draw in the industry. Reflecting on a potential stint in AEW, Enzo mentioned past contact with the organization, citing a lack of interest from their end. He emphasized his value as a television draw, asserting that his presence on screen would undoubtedly attract viewers, with the responsibility resting on him to maintain that momentum.

WWE Headquarters (Via WWE/Twitter)

During his WWE tenure from 2012 to 2018, Enzo Amore enjoyed immense popularity among fans, particularly during his partnership with Big Cass. His success culminated in him becoming a two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, known for his exceptional microphone skills that contributed significantly to his tag team’s success.

As Enzo Amore navigates his post-WWE career, his unwavering self-belief in his drawing power continues to be a focal point. Despite the controversies that have surrounded him, his resilience and dedication to his craft are evident as he forges ahead in professional wrestling.

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