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Jeff Hardy’s Potential Rematch Against Karrion Kross in AEW

Jeff Hardy (Via WWE/Twitter)

In a recent turn of events, former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy, now with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), might have another showdown with his former WWE rival, Karrion Kross. The two wrestlers clashed in 2021 on Monday Night RAW, a momentous occasion where Hardy reintroduced his classic entrance theme, “No More Words.”

A Twitter user reminisced about this encounter, prompting Kross to hint at a possible rematch in the future. Kross mentioned the backstage situation where both he and Hardy were eager to extend their feud to Extreme Rules for a climactic TLC match but faced obstacles in making it happen. Despite their efforts, the match never materialized, leaving room for speculation and anticipation for a potential future face-off.

On a different note, wrestling icon Eric Bischoff shared his perspective on Hardy’s career. Following Hardy’s recent match in AEW against Sammy Guevara, where Hardy faced an accidental injury, Bischoff suggested that Hardy should consider retiring from professional wrestling. Bischoff emphasized the importance of valuing one’s health, family time, and reflecting on the accomplishments and risks taken throughout a wrestling career.

Jeff Hardy (Via WWE)

Jeff Hardy’s legacy in wrestling is undeniable, with numerous tag team championships alongside his brother Matt Hardy and solo accolades as a former WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion. Transitioning to AEW in 2022 marked a new chapter for Hardy after his unexpected departure from WWE during a tag team match at a live event.

With speculations swirling around a potential rematch between Jeff Hardy and Karrion Kross, fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in their rivalry, set to unfold in the dynamic terrain of AEW.

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