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Cody Rhodes And Logan Paul Contract Signing Sparks Controversy

Logan Paul (Via WWE/Twitter)

Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul are set to square off in a fierce showdown at the King and Queen of the Ring event later this month. The match, originally slated for the Undisputed WWE Championship in Saudi Arabia, has stirred up quite a buzz in the wrestling world.

Rhodes, however, has been pushing for a Winner-Take-All scenario, aiming to hold both the championship titles. This move, if granted, could have serious repercussions according to SmackDown GM Nick Aldis.

Potential Impact on SmackDown Opportunities

Rhodes potentially becoming a double champion could limit opportunities for other superstars on the SmackDown roster. The scarcity of title holders might lead to fewer matches featuring different champions, affecting the overall dynamics of the show.

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

Overshadowing the Prestigious Event

Opting for a Winner-Take-All match between Rhodes and Paul at the King and Queen of the Ring could overshadow the significance of the event. With WWE crowning a new King and Queen, the focus should remain on these prestigious accolades rather than a double champion emerging from the bout.

Risk of Backfire for Cody Rhodes

Despite the possibility of Cody Rhodes achieving double championship status in WWE, the timing could backfire on him. Some fans already express disappointment in his current championship reign, believing it lacks excitement. Adding another title to his collection so soon after his recent win might not sit well with the audience.

While the idea of Cody Rhodes holding both titles is intriguing, it raises concerns about the balance of opportunities on SmackDown and the overshadowing of the King and Queen of the Ring event. The decision ultimately rests on GM Nick Aldis, who must consider the potential consequences before granting Rhodes’ request for a Winner-Take-All match.

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