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Mandy Rose and CJ Perry: A Fitness Bond Beyond the Ring

Mandy Rose (Via WWE/Twitter)

Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose, known for her incredible fitness, caught the attention of another released WWE star, CJ Perry, who expressed her desire to train with her. CJ, formerly known as Lana, spent nearly eight years in WWE, often managing and occasionally wrestling. Despite their wrestling backgrounds, both Mandy and CJ are now focused on ventures outside the ring. Mandy recently shared a striking Instagram post showcasing her fit physique, prompting praise from CJ and a wish to work out together.

Mandy Rose, a WWE veteran of almost seven years, recently criticized the company for what she perceived as hypocrisy. She highlighted the issue of not being recognized on TV despite the continued sale of her merchandise and action figures.

CJ Perry aka Lana (Via WWE/Twitter)

Mandy expressed her frustration, questioning why her name couldn’t be mentioned on television while her products could be sold indefinitely. Although fans have hoped for Mandy’s return to WWE, it seems unlikely as she has comfortably settled into life beyond wrestling.

Despite their wrestling paths diverging, Mandy Rose and CJ Perry’s mutual admiration for each other’s fitness journeys signifies a bond that transcends their WWE days. As they pursue new ventures post-wrestling, their shared commitment to fitness remains a common thread that connects them. Whether they eventually collaborate on a workout routine or continue to support each other from a distance, their friendship showcases the lasting impact of their time in the squared circle.

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