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WWE Superstar Scarlett And Karrion Kross: A Power Couple’s Journey

The Final Testament (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE Superstar Scarlett and Karrion Kross, both esteemed wrestlers, surprised fans by tying the knot after announcing their engagement on September 23, 2021. The couple’s wedding ceremony took place on April 20, 2022, atop a stunning glacier in Alaska. Despite being married for two years, their love continues to flourish, as evident in Kross’s recent birthday tribute to Scarlett.

In a heartfelt tweet, Karrion Kross reminisced about a special moment on Scarlett’s birthday, expressing how he knew she was the one he wanted to marry. This declaration of love and commitment showcased the deep bond shared by the couple. The power duo, along with their stable, made a significant move during the 2024 WWE Draft, transitioning to RAW from SmackDown where they had a successful run since December 22, 2023.

WWE SmackDown (Via WWE/Twitter)

Under the leadership of Triple H and WWE management, The Final Testament now calls RAW their new home. Their previous rivalry with Bobby Lashley’s faction, The Pride, on SmackDown set the stage for an exciting journey on the red brand. As they adapt to their new surroundings, fans eagerly anticipate how the faction will leverage their teamwork and skills to make an impact on RAW.

With this move marking a new chapter in their careers, Scarlett and Karrion Kross, along with their stable, are set to make waves in the WWE terrain. As they navigate the challenges and opportunities on RAW, the wrestling world eagerly awaits the unfolding saga of The Final Testament’s rise to prominence in the red brand.

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