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WWE’s Up-And-Coming Star Carmelo Hayes Talks About Facing Randy Orton

Randy Orton (Via WWE/Twitter)

Carmelo Hayes, the rising star in WWE, recently shared his thoughts on going up against the legendary Randy Orton. Since his recent draft to Smackdown, Hayes has been making waves in the ring. In a thrilling first-round match in the King of the Ring tournament, Hayes displayed remarkable skills by defeating Baron Corbin with a small package, securing his spot in the quarterfinals where he is scheduled to take on WWE’s Apex Predator.

In an interview with WWE correspondent Byron Saxton, Hayes acknowledged Orton’s veteran status and impressive track record with 14 World titles. However, he boldly expressed his belief that Orton’s prime might be a thing of the past, emphasizing that the spotlight now shines on the emerging talents like himself. Hayes confidently asserted that the future of WWE belongs to him, marking a new era in the wrestling world.

Carmelo Hayes At WWE Event (Via WWE)

Meanwhile, Randy Orton showcased his prowess by triumphing over AJ Styles in a highly anticipated match on SmackDown. The clash between the two former World Champions was a sight to behold for fans, culminating in Orton delivering his signature RKO to secure the victory and advance to the next round of the tournament.

As the competition heats up, all eyes are on the upcoming showdown between the seasoned Orton and the promising newcomer Hayes. Wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await the clash of experience and youth in the ring, curious to witness how Orton navigates the challenge posed by the ambitious Hayes.

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