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Nick Aldis Could Challenge Cody Rhodes at Clash at the Castle: A Potential WWE Showdown

Nick Aldis (Via WWE/Twitter)

Current Smackdown General Manager Nick Aldis and Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes share a history outside the company. Recently, WWE analyst Sam Roberts hinted at a possible clash between Aldis and Rhodes at Clash at the Castle. This could mark Aldis’ debut in a WWE ring, stepping away from his role as a backstage producer and Smackdown GM.

Aldis, a former NWA World Champion, has maintained his in-ring prowess outside WWE, with his last match in October 2023 at an ACW event. Roberts speculated on his Notsam Wrestling podcast about Aldis temporarily leaving his GM position to challenge Rhodes for the WWE Championship at Clash at the Castle in Glasgow, highlighting the potential for an exciting showdown between the two wrestling veterans.

Roberts envisioned a scenario where Aldis surprises Rhodes by announcing himself as the next opponent, emphasizing the anticipation for Aldis to step back into the ring. The analyst suggested that Aldis could test himself against Rhodes, reigniting their past rivalry from their NWA days.

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

Despite their current roles in WWE, the prospect of a third match between Aldis and Rhodes under the WWE banner adds an intriguing layer to their history.

While Rhodes is set to face Logan Paul at the King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event, the possibility of a future showdown with Aldis adds another dimension to his title reign. Fans are left wondering if Aldis will make a return to active competition and challenge Rhodes for the championship, creating buzz and speculation within the wrestling community.

As the wrestling world awaits potential developments, the idea of Aldis stepping into the ring against Rhodes at Clash at the Castle generates excitement and curiosity among fans. The dynamic between these two accomplished wrestlers could lead to a compelling storyline and a memorable showdown in WWE’s terrain.

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