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Exciting Developments on Friday Night SmackDown and Why Chelsea Green Could Challenge Bayley Next

WWE SmackDown (Via WWE/Twitter)

This week’s Friday Night SmackDown was abuzz with excitement, particularly revolving around the ongoing 2024 King and Queen of the Ring tournaments, slated to wrap up at the next premium live event. Amidst the tournament fervor, the show also showcased intriguing segments that charm fans.

Bayley’s Potential Challenger

During an interview with WWE Women’s Champion Bayley by Kayla Braxton, the proceedings took an unexpected turn as Chelsea Green and Piper Niven made their presence felt. While Green asserted herself vocally, Niven exuded a menacing aura, potentially eyeing a title opportunity. However, Niven faced defeat against Jade Cargill in a Queen of the Ring round-one match, hinting that Green might step up as the next challenger for Bayley.

Reasons for Chelsea Green to Challenge Bayley

1. Chelsea Green’s NXT Stint: Green’s recent display of skills in NXT showcased her in-ring prowess, hinting at her readiness for a championship bout.

2. Fresh Challenges for Bayley: With Bayley having overcome initial challengers, fresh faces like Green could inject new energy into the women’s division.

Chelsea Green (Via WWE/Twitter)

3. Breaking Stereotypes: Green’s comedic heel persona could evolve into a serious contender through a feud with Bayley, showcasing her multifaceted talent beyond humor.

4. Setting the Stage for Sonya Deville’s Return: The potential Bayley vs. Green feud could pave the way for Sonya Deville’s WWE comeback, either as a supportive ally to Green or a formidable opponent against Bayley.

With these compelling reasons in mind, the prospect of Chelsea Green challenging Bayley for the WWE Women’s Championship adds an intriguing layer to the evolving narrative of Friday Night SmackDown.

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