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Gunther’s Unexpected Loss to Former Rival and Cody Rhodes’ Intervention

Gunther (Via WWE/Twitter)

After Smackdown concluded, Gunther was confronted by an old adversary, a 10-time tag team champion he had previously overcome. Surprisingly, in only the second encounter out of 11 matches, he suffered a defeat, leading to Cody Rhodes stepping in to assist.

Gunther and the 10-time champion Jey Uso had clashed an impressive 10 times previously, including two dark matches, a televised bout on RAW, and seven live events. Given Gunther’s undefeated status as the Intercontinental Champion, it was no surprise that he emerged victorious in all these matches. Interestingly, their initial encounter, also a dark match, ended with Jey Uso claiming victory through disqualification.

Gunther (Via WWE/Twitter)

Heading into their latest match, the former Intercontinental Champion held a commanding 9-1 record against Jey Uso. However, a controversial low-blow and disqualification conclusion altered the narrative, bringing Gunther’s record to 9-2 as Jey Uso secured the win through disqualification. Cody Rhodes swiftly intervened to prevent further confrontation and protect Jey Uso from Gunther’s aggression.

The former Intercontinental Champion is set to remain on RAW and is positioned as a strong contender in the upcoming King of the Ring tournament. Shifting his focus from the Intercontinental title, he prepares to face another familiar adversary, Ilja Dragunov, the individual who ended his remarkable reign as NXT: UK Champion. Additionally, “Main Event” Jey Uso progresses in the King of the Ring Tournament, filling the spot left by Drew McIntyre’s absence.

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