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Exciting Return of Baron Corbin to SmackDown in King of the Ring Tournament

WWE SmackDown (Via WWE/Twitter)

A former United States Champion, Baron Corbin, made his first appearance on SmackDown this year during the latest episode. He faced off against Carmelo Hayes in the opening round of the King of the Ring tournament. Both wrestlers transitioned from NXT to the blue brand during the recent WWE Draft, adding a fresh dynamic to the show.

Baron Corbin’s last SmackDown appearance dated back to June 9, 2023, where he competed against Pete Dunne in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match, ending in a quick defeat in under two minutes. This week’s episode marked his return to the SmackDown ring after 336 days, as he clashed with Carmelo Hayes in a thrilling contest.

During their intense match, Corbin, known as The Lone Wolf, showcased his prowess with a Fisherman’s Suplex, earning a near fall. Hayes countered with a springboard clothesline and a gutbuster, almost securing a victory. Despite Corbin’s attempts with signature moves like the Deep Six, Hayes managed to evade and retaliate with impactful maneuvers.

WWE Fans and Baron Corbin (Via WWE)

The showdown reached a climax when Melo executed a Codebreaker followed by a Big Shot on Corbin, missing the final move, Nothing But Net. Corbin responded with a series of powerful strikes, including a lariat and a cutter, but Hayes resiliently kicked out. In a surprising turn, Carmelo Hayes capitalized on a moment of vulnerability, securing the win with a quick pinfall, advancing in the tournament.

The audience witnessed a mix of anticipation and excitement as Corbin made his comeback on SmackDown, adding a new chapter to the ongoing King of the Ring saga. The match’s outcome left fans speculating on the future of both wrestlers in the tournament, sparking discussions and reactions across the WWE universe.

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