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Zelina Vega And Her Latino World Order (LWO) Faction Drama

Zelina Vega (Via WWE/Twitter)

Zelina Vega and her Latino World Order (LWO) faction recently made headlines by moving to Monday Night RAW, leaving behind their rivals. However, this switch also brought the traitorous Carlito from Legado Del Fantasma to RAW, now part of the LWO. Carlito’s betrayal before a crucial WrestleMania XL match shook the group to its core.

Speaking on WWE’s ‘The Bump’, Zelina Vega expressed her strong disapproval of Carlito’s actions. She labeled him a coward for attacking Dragon Lee from behind and sneaking away when revealed. Vega admitted to having doubts about Carlito since his entry into the LWO, regretting not trusting her instincts earlier. She emphasized the importance of following Rey Mysterio’s lead but denounced those who exploit his kindness.

Zelina Vega At WWE Event (Via WWE)

Vega didn’t hold back, pointing out Carlito’s deceit being exposed by Santos Escobar, another LWO turncoat. She condemned Carlito as a coward and a disgrace, expressing disappointment in his actions. Despite her frustrations, Zelina Vega remains determined to succeed in WWE, despite facing setbacks in key title matches against Rhea Ripley and IYO SKY. Despite near-wins, Vega’s resilience shines through as she strives to secure a singles title in the future.

In a world filled with betrayals and missed opportunities, Zelina Vega stands as a resilient force, ready to overcome any obstacle thrown her way. The drama surrounding the LWO, Carlito’s treachery, and Vega’s unwavering determination create a charming narrative within the WWE universe. As fans await her next move, the spotlight remains firmly on Zelina Vega and her quest for championship glory.

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