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Jim Cornette Admits Admiration for WWE Ring Announcer Samantha Irvin

Jim Cornette (Via WWE/Twitter)

Jim Cornette, a seasoned wrestling veteran, recently expressed his newfound appreciation for Samantha Irvin, the ring announcer for RAW. Known for her distinctive style of introducing superstars like Chelsea Green, Ludwig Kaiser, and Gunther, Irvin has garnered praise for her engaging personality and delivery since joining RAW last year. During a review of the Backlash Premium Live Event on his podcast, Cornette commended Irvin’s performance, highlighting her inflections, facial expressions, and overall presentation.

In a surprising turn, Cornette revealed his support for Irvin, emphasizing her standout qualities as a ring announcer. He praised her professionalism and unique approach, stating, “She’s got me in her camp… whatever the term is. I’m a Samantha Irvin fan now.” Cornette’s endorsement of Irvin’s work reflects a shift in his perception of her abilities and contributions to the WWE.

Moreover, Cornette reflected on a past incident where Irvin was advised by a former WWE executive to tone down her announcing style, particularly in her introduction of Chelsea Green. Cornette criticized this directive, suggesting that Irvin’s approach resembled that of renowned UFC announcer Bruce Buffer. He questioned the decision of the previous WWE regime, asserting that Irvin’s energetic and engaging demeanor set her apart as a ring announcer.

Triple H at WWE Event (Via WWE/Twitter)

During the podcast, Cornette also lauded the performance of Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair as a tag team, drawing comparisons to the legendary Road Warriors. His positive remarks about Irvin and other wrestlers underscore his evolving perspective on talent within the WWE roster. As Cornette continues to analyze and critique wrestling events, his acknowledgment of Irvin’s skill and presence signals a significant endorsement within the wrestling community.

Cornette’s recognition of Samantha Irvin’s accomplishments as a ring announcer sheds light on the diverse talents and personalities contributing to the WWE terrain. Irvin’s ability to charm audiences and earn praise from industry veterans like Cornette showcases her potential for continued success in professional wrestling.

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