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The Bloodline Saga And Possible Feuds For Jacob Fatu In WWE

The Rock and The Bloodline (Via WWE/Twitter)

The Bloodline saga has significantly contributed to WWE’s recent success, with a blend of creative minds and wrestling stars shaping a compelling long-term narrative. Despite recent changes within the legendary faction, including departures and new additions, the group’s evolution continues to CHARM fans. Speculation surrounds Jacob Fatu potentially joining the faction, adding an exciting dynamic to the storyline.


#4. Solo Sikoa Feud:

Fans anticipate Jacob Fatu aligning with The Bloodline, but an alternative storyline could see him challenging Solo Sikoa’s leadership. This unexpected twist could lead to a gripping rivalry within the stable, deviating from conventional expectations.

#3. NXT Feud with Trick Williams:

While many expect Jacob Fatu to transition to the main roster, a detour to NXT to confront Trick Williams offers an intriguing possibility. The clash between the two talented athletes promises compelling television, showcasing contrasting styles and ambitions.

Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns on SmackDown (Via WWE/Twitter)

#2. Rivalry with Roman Reigns:

Speculation suggests that Jacob Fatu might become Roman Reigns’ adversary upon the latter’s return. This potential feud could add layers to The Bloodline narrative, with Fatu posing as a formidable obstacle to Reigns’ objectives.

#1. Challenge to Cody Rhodes:

Cody Rhodes, the reigning Undisputed WWE Champion, stands as a prominent figure in wrestling. The prospect of Jacob Fatu challenging Rhodes for the title introduces a fresh angle to the ongoing saga between The Bloodline and Rhodes, setting the stage for an intense rivalry.

As the Bloodline saga unfolds and Jacob Fatu’s future in WWE takes shape, the potential feuds outlined present exciting opportunities for storytelling and character development within the wrestling universe.

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