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Former WWE Superstar Predicts Financial Success for Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle (Via WWE/Twitter)

In a recent article, former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth made a bold prediction about Matt Riddle’s financial future. Ellsworth claimed that Riddle, also known as The Original Bro, is poised to have an exceptional year in terms of income. Riddle, who signed with WWE in 2018 and enjoyed a successful tenure with the company, was released in September 2023. Since then, the 38-year-old has been active on the independent circuit, as well as competing in promotions like MLW and NJPW.

Ellsworth shared his thoughts on Twitter, highlighting Riddle’s transition from performing in large arenas to smaller venues. Despite this shift, Ellsworth expressed confidence in Riddle’s earning potential for the upcoming year. He believes that Riddle, fresh off television exposure and free from the expenses of travel and accommodation, will surpass his previous earnings.

Matt Riddle (Via WWE/Twitter)

In a separate development, WWE released several superstars, including Matt Riddle, following a merger with UFC to create TKO Group Holdings. Riddle’s departure was linked to a controversial incident that occurred prior to his release. In an interview with TVInsider, Riddle discussed his feelings post-release, describing a sense of relief at regaining control over his career. Despite initial disappointment, Riddle expressed gratitude for the newfound freedom to make decisions based on his own priorities, including spending time with family.

The article concludes with a note of anticipation regarding Ellsworth’s prediction for Matt Riddle’s financial success. It remains to be seen whether Riddle will indeed experience a lucrative year as forecasted by Ellsworth. The wrestling community awaits to see how Riddle’s career trajectory unfolds in the coming months.

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