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Emma Diaz Opens Up About WWE Release Impact on Relationship with Lexis King

WWE Shows (Via WWE/Twitter)

After being released by WWE, Emma Diaz, the girlfriend of NXT’s Lexis King, shared insights on the aftermath on their relationship and future prospects. The departure from the company came as a shock to Diaz, who was accustomed to working alongside King and sharing similar career trajectories.

Reflecting on the initial challenges post-release, Diaz highlighted the stable routine they had established while working together at WWE. She expressed gratitude for King’s support during this transitional period, emphasizing his excitement for her newfound independence and opportunities ahead.

Supportive partner, Lexis King, a seasoned figure in the wrestling world, has been instrumental in guiding Diaz through her post-WWE journey. Recognizing the value of her training at WWE, King encourages Diaz to immerse herself in the independent circuit to hone her skills and connect more intimately with wrestling audiences.

WWE Headquarters (Via WWE/Twitter)

Acknowledging the privilege of receiving professional training and payment during her time at WWE, Diaz embraces the opportunity to grow within the independent wrestling scene. With King’s assistance in securing bookings and going the indie circuit, Diaz remains optimistic about potentially rekindling ties with WWE in the future.

The collaborative efforts between Diaz and King underscore a shared commitment to her development as a wrestler and her aspirations for reintegration into the WWE terrain. As Diaz embarks on this new chapter, she is poised to leverage her experiences and training to carve out a promising path within the wrestling industry, buoyed by the unwavering support of her partner, Lexis King.

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