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Solo Sikoa Takes Charge of The Bloodline Amidst Roman Reigns’ Absence

Tama Tonga, Solo Sikoa and Tonga Loa (Via WWE/Twitter)

Solo Sikoa stepped up to lead The Bloodline on Friday Night SmackDown following Roman Reigns’ departure after losing the WWE Championship to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL. The faction now features former New Japan Pro-Wrestling stars Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa by his side.

A Bold Debut at Backlash France

At Backlash France, Tanga Loa made a striking debut, aiding the heels in securing a victory over Kevin Owens and Randy Orton. Owens expressed his discontent, emphasizing his long-standing history with The Bloodline and his determination to bring an end to their dominance.

Questioning the Connection

Owens, in a recent episode of WWE’s The Bump, raised doubts about the authenticity of the new group’s ties to the original Bloodline. He highlighted the persistent threat posed by The Bloodline over the past four years and stressed the urgency of resolving the ongoing conflict.

Tama Tonga, and Solo Sikoa (Via WWE/Twitter)

Uncertainty Surrounding Roman Reigns’ Return

Following Roman Reigns’ absence since his defeat, Paul Heyman appears uncertain about Solo Sikoa’s faction. Despite this, Heyman stands beside the new group, prompting speculations about his intentions and loyalty.

Kevin Owens’ Perspective

Kevin Owens speculated on Paul Heyman’s motivations for aligning with the new stars, suggesting that Heyman might be driven by a desire to maintain relevance and financial gain. Owens also expressed distrust towards Heyman, hinting at underlying tensions within the alliance.

Randy Orton’s Resurgence

Kevin Owens praised his tag team partner, Randy Orton, acknowledging their shared determination to challenge The Bloodline. Orton’s return in November 2023 marked a renewed rivalry with the Samoan faction, reflecting his unwavering resolve to combat their influence.

Solo Sikoa’s leadership of The Bloodline signals a new era of uncertainty and conflict within the WWE terrain, with rivalries intensifying and alliances shifting in the pursuit of dominance.

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