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Several Other WWE Stars Would Fit in Alongside Uncle Howdy

Uncle Howdy (Via WWE/Twitter)

A recent report revealed that some current and former WWE stars were being considered to join Uncle Howdy in a faction known as the Wyatt 6. The anticipation was that Wyatt’s return before his unfortunate passing would lead to him leading this new faction. The speculated names for this stable included Dexter Lumis, Nikki Cross, Joe Gacy, and Erick Rowan.

Notably, Rowan had recently been re-signed, whereas Lumis and Cross had been absent from TV for a while. Joe Gacy had previously led a nihilistic faction in NXT. While these rumored members seemed like suitable choices, there are other current performers who could seamlessly integrate into the group.

Tatum Paxley Stands Out With Her Aesthetic

Among the standout stars in NXT is Tatum Paxley, who brings a unique vibe to the ring. While others shine for their in-ring prowess, Paxley’s underrated persona adds depth to the brand. Her portrayal during the recent encounters against top stars showcased her potential. Joining the Wyatt 6 could provide her with a solid platform on the main roster.

Gigi Dolin Embraces Her Unique Nickname

Gigi Dolin, a member of Toxic Attraction, prides herself on being distinct. Referring to herself as ‘Hell’s Favorite Harlot,’ Dolin’s alternative persona sets her apart. With over three years in NXT, a call-up seems imminent. Becoming part of the Wyatt 6 would allow her to explore her darker side and embody a supernatural character.

Liv Morgan Embarks On A Heel Turn

Liv Morgan’s recent actions hint at a potential heel turn. Known for causing chaos, Morgan’s rebellious streak could find a new outlet in the Wyatt 6. Her connection to Bo Dallas adds an intriguing layer to her narrative.

Liv Morgan (Via WWE/Twitter)

Alexa Bliss’ Potential Return To WWE

Having crossed paths with Uncle Howdy before, Alexa Bliss brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her past encounters with dark characters make her a prime candidate for the Wyatt 6. Bliss’s acting prowess and history in WWE position her as a strong contender for this faction.

Braun Strowman: A Monster Among Monsters

Former Universal Champion Braun Strowman’s history with the Wyatt Family makes him a compelling choice for the Wyatt 6. His recent return and alliance with Jey Uso hint at a possible


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