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Rising Above: Bianca Belair’s Triumph over a Two-Year Rivalry

Bianca Belair (Via WWE/Twitter)

Ever since making her main roster debut in April 2020, Bianca Belair has risen to prominence as a multi-time Women’s Champion and a beloved figure in the WWE universe. Recently, the EST of WWE shared a heartfelt message reflecting on the culmination of a fierce two-year rivalry with a prominent faction within the company.

Teaming up with Jade Cargill, Belair faced off against Asuka and Kairi Sane of Damage CTRL, also known as The Kabuki Warriors, at WWE Backlash in France. In a decisive moment, Cargill executed the Jaded on Sane, paving the way for Belair to secure the victory with a KOD on Asuka, thus clinching the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Taking to her Instagram story, Belair commemorated the hard-fought victory with a series of images along with a poignant statement. She expressed, “It took 2+ years fighting for my life against one of the most dominant factions to finally overcome them!” In a separate post, she bid farewell to The Kabuki Warriors, acknowledging their formidable skill while signaling the end of their intense rivalry.

Bianca Belair (Via WWE/Twitter)

Furthermore, Belair’s journey intertwined with Damage CTRL and The Kabuki Warriors came to a close following the faction’s shift to RAW during the WWE Draft. Reflecting on this transformative experience, Belair emphasized the challenges posed by her adversaries, affirming her readiness to move forward from this chapter.

In a separate development, WWE Women’s Champion Bayley weighed in on a potential matchup between Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill. In an exclusive interview with Wrestling’s Bill Apter, Bayley leaned towards Belair as the victor, citing her wealth of experience and growth throughout her tenure in WWE.

As Belair and Cargill stand tall as the Women’s Tag Team Champions, the WWE universe eagerly anticipates their future endeavors and the duration of their championship reign. The dynamic duo presents a formidable challenge for any tag team aspiring to claim the coveted Women’s Tag Team Championship, setting the stage for an engaging and unpredictable journey ahead.

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