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Injured WWE Superstar Storms Out of RAW Amidst Frustration with General Manager

WWE RAW Crowd (Via WWE/Twitter)

An injured WWE Superstar, frustrated with how things played out, walked out of WWE RAW after an argument with Adam Pearce. The RAW General Manager faced issues post-Backlash, especially with an irate Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre, pulled from the King of the Ring tournament due to an aggravated elbow injury, expressed his dissatisfaction with Pearce’s decision. Despite being padded up, McIntyre’s injury worsened, leading to his removal from the tournament.

Adam Pearce on WWE RAW (Via WWE/Twitter)

During the match he was sidelined from, McIntyre confronted Jey Uso, who had replaced him and advanced in the tournament by defeating Finn Balor. Displeased with the replacement, McIntyre voiced his frustration to Pearce backstage, only to be informed that he couldn’t participate due to medical reasons. This news prompted McIntyre to storm off, hop into his car, and drive away in a fury.

Adding insult to injury, CM Punk appeared on the show right after McIntyre’s departure, calling him out and urging him to return to the building. Despite the audience’s tweets, McIntyre didn’t reappear, leaving Punk to cut a promo challenging him once more. This turn of events surely heightened the injured Superstar’s vexation as the drama unfolded on WWE RAW.

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