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Former Nxt Champion Impact Apologizes for Loss

WWE Show (Via WWE/Twitter)

In his second match on RAW, Ilja Dragunov made a significant impact by defeating the reigning Champion, Ricochet. Surprisingly, Ricochet, who had not suffered any televised singles losses in 2024, expressed regret for his defeat. This unexpected turn of events unfolded amidst the kickoff of the King & Queen of the Ring tournament and the debut of new roster members on RAW, including Dragunov.

Despite maintaining an unbeaten record in singles matches broadcasted on TV, Ricochet had previously faced defeats in non-televised live events. These losses came against JD McDonagh, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre in dark matches. Notably, McDonagh and Mahal each secured one victory over Ricochet, a fact that adds an interesting twist to the narrative.

RAW and shocked WWE Fans (Via WWE/Twitter)

The matchup between Dragunov and Ricochet was hailed as a classic, setting the stage for a potential rematch in the future. Dragunov, in a display of sportsmanship, acknowledged Ricochet’s talent and the likelihood of encountering him again on RAW down the line. The outcome of this encounter has sparked intrigue among fans, hinting at a possible rivalry brewing between the two talented wrestlers.

As the wrestling world buzzes with speculation and anticipation following this unexpected result, all eyes are on the unfolding dynamics between Dragunov and Ricochet. With both competitors showcasing their prowess in the ring, the stage is set for an exciting chapter in the ongoing saga of professional wrestling.

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