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Damian Priest Rejects Carlito’s Plea for Alliance, Ignites Tensions with LWO on WWE RAW

Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio (Via WWE/Twitter)

Damian Priest, the World Heavyweight Champion, was found backstage consoling Finn Balor after his loss to Jey Uso in the King of the Ring tournament. A significant moment unfolded as a 45-year-old legend approached Priest seeking his assistance, to which Priest seemed to decline. The tension escalated when Priest expressed his focus on dealing with Braun Strowman to JD McDonagh, only to be interrupted by the appearance of the injured Dominik Mysterio alongside the veteran Carlito, who had recently joined RAW post his separation from the LWO faction.

Priest’s reluctance to engage with Carlito stemmed from their past encounter during Backlash 2023, where Carlito had assisted Bad Bunny in a match against the World Champion. Despite Carlito’s willingness to set aside previous events, hinting at a desire for support against the LWO without seeking a spot in the Judgment Day, Priest’s response indicated a subtle rejection.

Damian Priest (Via WWE/Twitter)

The unfolding narrative of Priest denying the wrestling legend’s offer resonates with the historical context from their clash at Backlash the previous year. As the storyline progresses, the evolving dynamics between the characters set the stage for potential conflicts, particularly between Judgment Day and the LWO. With the absence of Rhea Ripley, a brewing war between the factions seems imminent, promising a compelling storyline for RAW viewers to anticipate.

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