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CM Punk’s Clever Promo on RAW: A Mix of Humor, References, and Challenges

CM Punk (Via WWE/Twitter)

CM Punk’s appearance on WWE RAW in Connecticut sparked excitement. He addressed fans in Hartford, showcasing his charisma. Drew McIntyre’s absence in the tournament led to Jey Uso stepping in and claiming victory over Finn Balor.

#5. Tribute to Cody Rhodes

Punk invoked Cody Rhodes’ catchphrase, teasing McIntyre to return. He humorously threatened to hijack the show if McIntyre didn’t show up, labeling him a coward.

#4. Baseball Term Reference

During WrestleMania XL, Punk’s commentary distracted McIntyre, resulting in Priest seizing the title. Punk hailed himself as a “five-tool player,” emphasizing his versatility.

CM Punk (Via WWE/Twitter)

#3. Kendrick Lamar and Drake Beef

Referencing the feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, Punk highlighted McIntyre’s disdain for him, paralleling Lamar’s lyrics.

#2. Clash at the Castle Hint

Teasing his presence at Clash at the Castle, Punk sent a message to McIntyre, suggesting he might be lurking in Glasgow.

#1. AEW All In 2023 Incident

Recalling the AEW incident where he choked Jack Perry, Punk labeled McIntyre a “choke artist,” alluding to his own past actions. Pat McAfee added humor by mentioning “guillotine.”

Punk’s promo on RAW was a mix of humor, references, and challenges, keeping fans engaged with his dynamic presence and sharp wit. His clever wordplay and nods to current events added layers to the storyline, setting the stage for potential future confrontations.

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