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Triple H Could Decide To Change The Result

Triple H (Via WWE/Twitter)

The recent WWE Backlash event stirred up quite a controversy, particularly due to a major botch that occurred during the Women’s Tag Team Championship match. The match saw Bianca Belair pin Asuka after executing a move on Kairi Sane. However, a crucial error was made as Asuka was not technically the legal participant at that point.

The referee’s focus appeared to waver during the match, leading to confusion regarding the legal participants. At one instance, Sane was informed she wasn’t legal, prompting her to tag out to Asuka. Instead of Asuka becoming the legal participant, she entered the ring illegally. Subsequently, Sane tagged out to Asuka, performed a move, and was pinned despite not being the legal participant. The referee’s uncertainty regarding the legal status of the wrestlers raised questions among fans about the validity of the title change.

Triple H (Via WWE/Twitter)

Following the match, Bianca Belair expressed her desire to move on from The Kabuki Warriors. However, video evidence suggests that a rematch might be warranted due to the questionable legality of the pin. While WWE has seemingly moved away from rematch clauses, the situation in this match could prompt a different outcome. The Kabuki Warriors might advocate for a rematch, emphasizing the referee’s oversight in determining the legal participants accurately.

The confusion surrounding the match raises concerns about the referee’s handling of the situation, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the title change. With fans and wrestlers alike questioning the outcome, the decision to reverse the championship result rests in the hands of Triple H, potentially altering the course of this controversial match at WWE Backlash.

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