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Lia Maivia’s WWE Hall of Fame Induction Receives High Praise from Anoa’i Family Member

WWE Hall of Fame (Via WWE/Twitter)

Lia Maivia’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2024 stirred significant acclaim, particularly from a member of the esteemed Anoa’i family. Despite the surprise surrounding her induction, it is widely believed that she is more than deserving of the honor.

Among the array of inductees this year, Lia Maivia’s name shines brightly, not for her in-ring performances, but for her remarkable contributions behind the scenes. As one of the pioneering female promoters in the wrestling world, she took the reins of Polynesian Pro Wrestling following the passing of her husband, the legendary Peter Maivia. Notably, she is also the grandmother of the renowned wrestler, The Rock, who had the privilege of inducting her into the Hall of Fame.

Llyod Anoa’i, in an interview with Bill Apter for, expressed his heartfelt sentiments regarding Lia Maivia’s induction. He reflected, “It was touching, you know, because aunty Lia was such a fireball in this industry of wrestling. And I think Dwayne said it all. She was the first promoter, a lady promoter, to know how to do wrestling… And that’s a blessing right there. Just for to be inducted, I am happy. I think all her family is.”

The Rock (Via WWE/Twitter)

While Lia Maivia’s remarkable legacy in the pro wrestling realm undoubtedly makes her a fitting choice for the prestigious accolade, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Vince Russo, a prominent figure in WWE history, raised some reservations about the timing of Maivia’s induction. He questioned the rationale behind her nomination, particularly in comparison to other potentially more deserving candidates.

The wrestling community remains divided on the matter, with some celebrating Lia Maivia’s groundbreaking achievements, while others ponder the selection process of the WWE Hall of Fame. Nevertheless, Lia Maivia’s impact on the industry remains indelible, solidifying her well-deserved place among the wrestling greats.

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