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WWE Smackdown 2024: Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne Clash with AOP

WWE SmackDown (Via WWE/Twitter)

On the recent WWE SmackDown episode, Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne of New Catch Republic faced off against AOP in an intense tag team showdown. Despite not being selected during the primary draft, these two talented stars found themselves in the mix during the supplemental draft, adding an element of surprise to the event.

The match kicked off with Akam and The Bruiserweight stepping into the ring for the blue brand. The action commenced swiftly as The Final Testament representative swiftly tossed Dunne out of the ring right from the start. Inside the ring, Dunne retaliated with a flurry of dropkicks and locked Akam in an armbar. A strategic tag by Dunne brought Bate into the action, unleashing a barrage of punches on their towering opponent.

As the bout progressed, Dunne attempted a moonsault, only for Akam to evade the move. Subsequently, Bate took charge, delivering a solid punch to Akam’s face before executing a series of spins with him in a Fireman’s Carry position. The high-flying Bate then stunned the WWE star with a spectacular Shooting Star Press, setting the stage for Dunne to follow up with a powerful running knee strike.

WWE SmackDown and WWE Fan (Via WWE/Twitter)

In a dramatic turn of events towards the climax, Akam slammed Pete Dunne with a standing uranage before tagging in Rezar. AOP capitalized on their teamwork, executing their signature double-team finisher to secure victory via pinfall. Notably, New Catch Republic transitioned to RAW during the supplemental draft following Night 2 of the 2024 WWE Draft.

The question remains: Could Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate be destined for tag team gold in the future? Only time will tell in the ever-evolving terrain of WWE competition.

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