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Matt Riddle’s Unpredictable Journey Post WWE Departure

Matt Riddle (Via WWE/Twitter)

Since his exit from WWE in the summer of 2023, Matt Riddle has been a prominent figure in the wrestling scene. His schedule seems packed, keeping him among the most sought-after wrestlers globally post-WWE. His ventures with MLW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling have further solidified his presence in the industry.

Controversy Strikes Again

Recently, Riddle stirred controversy with a risque post on X/Twitter, revealing his body while strategically covering a specific area with a towel. The caption “#Bronlyfans” hinted at potential involvement in a subscription-based platform, sparking curiosity among fans.

Recent Walk-Out Drama

Amidst his success, Riddle faced a peculiar situation during a match against Zack Sabre Jr. for the NJPW World Television Title. Following the bout, Riddle controversially no-sold the defeat, baffling spectators as he walked away, reminiscent of past incidents in wrestling history.

Matt Riddle (Via WWE/Twitter)

Future Prospects for Riddle

Despite the uproar, reports suggest that NJPW intends to retain Riddle, with no immediate plans for his removal. Drawing parallels to Austin Aries’ past actions in TNA, where a similar no-sell incident occurred, the outcome for Riddle remains uncertain. Will he face consequences for his actions, or will it go unresolved like Aries’ situation?

The wrestling world eagerly awaits the unfolding saga of Matt Riddle, a talented but polarizing figure whose post-WWE journey continues to charm audiences worldwide.

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