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Authors Of Pain Make Controversial Win Against Creed Brothers

Authors of Pain (Via WWE/Twitter)

28The Authors of Pain recently made a return to the WWE ring, facing off against the popular tag team, the Creed Brothers. The Creed Brothers, known for their charisma and amateur wrestling background, have been making waves in the WWE since their debut on RAW last year. Their journey from NXT to the main roster has been marked by consistent performances and a strong fan following.

In a recent match on RAW, the Creed Brothers clashed with the formidable Authors of Pain, who have been on a dominating streak as of late. Before the match, there was tension building as Karrion Kross from The Final Testament attempted to recruit Xavier Woods to their faction, setting the stage for an intense showdown. However, instead of joining forces, Woods challenged AOP to a match for the following week.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (Via WWE/Twitter)

During the match, the Final Testament lived up to their disruptive reputation when Scarlett’s interference led to Ivy being pushed onto the ring steps, creating a distraction that allowed the Authors of Pain to secure a controversial victory over the Creed Brothers. This win stirred up debates among fans and fellow wrestlers about the ethics of their tactics and the legitimacy of the outcome.

Looking ahead, the New Day is set to face off against the Authors of Pain in the upcoming week, sparking anticipation and speculation about how AOP will fare against one of the most legendary tag teams in WWE history. As the wrestling terrain continues to evolve with unexpected twists and turns, the clash between these powerhouse teams promises to deliver high-octane action and unpredictable outcomes, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

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