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WWE Universe Buzzing Around Dominik Mysterio And His Mami After Injury

Dominik Mysterio (Via WWE/Twitter)

The WWE Universe is abuzz with chatter surrounding Dominik Mysterio and his Mami following her sidelining due to an injury. Speculation is rife about potential future plans for The Judgment Day members, with the former NXT North American Champion dropping hints recently.

Dirty Dom finds himself without his Mami after Rhea Ripley had to give up her World Women’s Championship due to a shoulder injury sustained during a backstage altercation with Liv Morgan on the April 8 RAW episode. The status of their storyline relationship has been uncertain, fueling rumors of a possible breakup and a new feud.

Taking to Instagram, The Eradicator reacted to the new WWE Main Event two-pack of Mattel action figures featuring herself and Mysterio, available for pre-order at $29.99 from Ringside Collectibles.

Rhea Ripley expressed her emotions, writing, “[face holding back tears emoji] They are beautiful! @dominik_35,” to which Dominik Mysterio responded in agreement while seemingly confirming that they are still a couple, saying, “Yes they are [smiling face with tear emoji].”

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio (Via WWE/Twitter)

The Judgment Day recently moved to RAW in the 2024 WWE Draft, with Ripley excluded due to her injury. The draft saw Mysterio, JD McDonagh, and Finn Balor as the fourth-round pick, with World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest remaining on the red brand as champions were not part of the draft.

Rhea Ripley is back in Australia recuperating from her shoulder injury, leaving Dominik Mysterio solo on RAW in the absence of his Mami. This situation has sparked speculations and rumors within the WWE community, especially regarding a potential alliance between Liv Morgan and Dirty Dom.

Recent RAW episodes featured tense confrontations between Mysterio and Morgan, hinting at an evolving storyline. Ripley’s statement about keeping an eye on RAW suggests a keen interest in the unfolding dynamics, particularly concerning the relationship between Mysterio and Morgan. The uncertainty surrounding the trio’s future adds an intriguing layer to the WWE narrative.

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