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Who Destroyed WCW? The Great One: Kevin Nash’s Response

Kevin Nash (Via WWE/Twitter)

Wrestling icon Kevin Nash recently addressed a fan’s concern regarding WWE and The Rock’s involvement in a new WCW documentary. Dark Side of the Ring, in collaboration with The Final Boss and Seven Bucks Production, revealed a four-part docuseries titled “Who Killed WCW?” featuring The Rock as the narrator. Former WCW talents like Eric Bischoff, Diamond Dallas Page, Vince Russo, Goldberg, and Kevin Nash himself are prominently showcased.

Following the release of the official trailer, a fan expressed reluctance to watch the show due to The Rock’s production involvement, fearing a strong WWE bias. In response, Nash reassured fans that the documentary would present an authentic perspective on the events, distinct from the WWE’s narrative, offering a genuine portrayal of the story.

The Rock (Via WWE/Twitter)

In a recent podcast appearance on Kliq This, Nash delved into The Rock’s significant impact on the wrestling industry. Highlighting The Rock’s diverse ventures beyond wrestling, including ventures in bodybuilding, sports, energy drinks, tequila, and skincare products, Nash emphasized The Rock’s immense popularity and influence as a global superstar. Nash also hinted at the possibility of The Rock stepping back into the WWE ring for another match, fueling anticipation among fans for potential matchups against Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns.

Kevin Nash’s insights shed light on the enduring legacy and appeal of The Rock, drawing attention to his multifaceted career and widespread popularity transcending the realms of wrestling. Despite initial skepticism from fans, Nash’s reassurances and reflections on The Rock’s broader impact underscore the anticipation and intrigue surrounding The Great One’s continued presence in the wrestling world.

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