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Tribute Tattoo: Jey Uso Honors Umaga with Ink

Jey Uso (Via WWE/Twitter)

Zilla Fatu, a member of the Anoa’i family, recently messaged WWE Superstar Jey Uso regarding his upcoming challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Damian Priest at Backlash France Premium Live Event. Jey earned his shot by winning a Fatal Four-Way Match against Drew McIntyre, Bronson Reed, and Ricochet.

In a recent photoshoot with WWE, Jey showcased his impressive Samoan tattoos, including one dedicated to the late Umaga, a former member of the Bloodline. Zilla, Umaga’s son and a rising star in professional wrestling, responded to Jey’s tribute tattoo with a “blood drop” emoji, showing appreciation for the gesture.

Jey Uso shared the story behind his decision to honor Umaga with a tattoo on WWE Tattooed. He spoke about Umaga’s impact on his career, emphasizing Umaga’s role in motivating him to pursue wrestling and secure a contract. Jey fondly described Umaga as a family man who deeply cared for his children, highlighting his kind and humorous nature.

Rikishi and The Usos (Via WWE/Twitter)

Umaga, whose real name was Edward Smith Fatu, was a two-time Intercontinental Champion in WWE. After initially signing with WWE in 2001 and later rejoining the company in 2005, Umaga tragically passed away in December 2009 due to a heart attack. His legacy continues to be remembered and honored by his family and peers in the wrestling industry.

The article sheds light on the personal connection between Jey Uso and Umaga, showcasing the respect and admiration Jey holds for his late family member. Through his tattoo tribute, Jey pays homage to Umaga’s influence on his wrestling journey and the pivotal role Umaga played in shaping his career.

The article captures the heartfelt gesture of Jey Uso’s tribute tattoo to Umaga, illustrating the deep bond and respect shared within the Anoa’i family and the wrestling community.

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