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The Bloodline Undergoes Shifts After WrestleMania XL

Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso (Via WWE/Twitter)

Following WrestleMania XL, The Bloodline has seen significant alterations, notably with the departure of Jimmy Uso. On the SmackDown episode post-WrestleMania XL, Jimmy was ousted from the faction by Solo Sikoa and the newly arrived Tama Tonga. Since his exit, the accomplished Tag Team Champion has been noticeably absent from WWE programming, reportedly due to an injury.

Recently, a photo featuring Jimmy Uso surfaced on Twitter, posted by user @DezyBaby, who encountered him at a gym. This marked Jimmy’s first public appearance following his removal from The Bloodline in WWE.

Jey Uso Reflects on WrestleMania XL Match Against Jimmy Uso

At WrestleMania XL, Jey Uso faced off against his former Bloodline comrade, Jimmy Uso, in a highly anticipated one-on-one showdown. Despite elevated expectations, the match seemed to fall short. In an interview with Gorilla Position, Jey expressed disappointment in the match, acknowledging that they may have disappointed fans. He attributed the match’s shortcomings to time constraints, affecting both the technical and emotional aspects they had hoped to deliver.

Jey Uso (Via WWE/Twitter)

Jey emphasized his contentment at having a singles match at WrestleMania with his brother, Jimmy, despite the critiques. He shared his desire for the match to have showcased their full potential, reflecting on the missed opportunity due to time limitations.

Awaiting Jimmy Uso’s WWE Return

The return date for Jimmy Uso in WWE remains undisclosed. With The Bloodline transitioning under Solo Sikoa’s leadership, the future trajectories of Jimmy, Roman Reigns, and The Rock, who are currently off television, are uncertain. The evolution of The Bloodline post-Jimmy Uso’s departure raises curiosity about the forthcoming developments in the WWE realm.

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