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Cody Rhodes Teases Showdown with The Rock

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

Cody Rhodes, known as the American Nightmare, recently wrapped up an intense storyline by clinching the Undisputed WWE Champion title after defeating Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40’s Night 2. Nonetheless, his unresolved business with The Rock and Reigns from Night 1 still lingers, sparking speculation about a potential future clash with The Great One.

In a candid conversation alongside Triple H on X, Rhodes expressed his eagerness to face top WWE opponents, specifically mentioning his desire to confront The Rock once more. He hinted at feeling incomplete after a certain exchange with The Great One on RAW post-WrestleMania, indicating a longing for closure that only a wrestling showdown can provide.

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

Rhodes shared, “I’d be remiss you know, I don’t want to just leave it out there but I didn’t get any closure on the situation with The Rock particularly with him giving me something back that was something he should’ve kept and I feel that closure in wrestling that’s one of the beautiful things about sports entertainment wrestling, WWE. If you think that closure’s going to happen stay tuned, it might. But it might happen in a very different way so I look forward to his return,” underscoring his anticipation for a potential rematch.

As the anticipation builds, Cody Rhodes sent a succinct yet powerful message to AJ Styles ahead of their impending showdown at WWE Backlash France. Styles, the first challenger to Rhodes’ title, secured his shot by triumphing in a Triple Threat match and defeating LA Knight in a rematch on SmackDown. The clash between these two celebrated WWE stars promises to be a thrilling spectacle for fans, marking their first-ever encounter in the ring. “First Time Ever,” Rhodes succinctly wrote, hinting at the excitement and anticipation surrounding this monumental match on the WWE roster.

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