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Drew McIntyre Takes Aim at Michael Cole on Pat McAfee Show

Drew McIntyre (Via WWE/Twitter)

Drew McIntyre, a contentious figure in the WWE universe, recently unleashed a series of scathing remarks toward veteran star Michael Cole. The confrontation occurred during a segment on Pat McAfee’s show, where McIntyre issued a stern warning to Cole, accusing him of consistently undermining him on air.

The Scottish Psychopath expressed his frustration, feeling like he’s constantly battling against the odds, with Cole’s narrative control casting a shadow over his reputation. McIntyre urged McAfee to intervene or face the consequences of his unchecked influence within the WWE ecosystem.

In a playful exchange, McAfee humorously labeled Cole, a 57-year-old, as a senior citizen, prompting McIntyre to continue his verbal assault. The former WWE Champion defended his commitment to honesty in a world that often shuns truth, highlighting the complexities of societal perceptions.

Drew McIntyre (Via WWE/Twitter)

As tensions escalated, Cole, who was en route to France for an upcoming WWE event, responded to McAfee’s show via text, expressing his displeasure at the situation and questioning McAfee’s loyalty.

Despite the escalating drama, McIntyre concluded the interview with a parting shot at Cole, emphasizing the need for introspection within the WWE community. His candid remarks underscored a desire for transparency and accountability, challenging the status quo. McIntyre’s recent contract extension with WWE, announced by none other than The Rock, further solidifies his place within the organization. As he navigates his injury recovery, McIntyre remains a prominent figure in the wrestling world, poised to make a lasting impact under the guidance of industry stalwarts like Triple H.

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