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Braun Strowman Makes Triumphant Return to WWE Raw: Exciting Prospects Ahead

Braun Strowman (Via WWE/Twitter)

Braun Strowman’s comeback to WWE Raw during the 2024 draft edition was a pivotal moment, with the red brand selecting him early despite his extended absence due to a severe neck injury. Standing tall at nearly seven feet and weighing close to 400 pounds, Strowman’s return sparked discussions about the potential directions his character could take.

One possible trajectory for Strowman involves him becoming a dominant force in the ‘meat’ division of WWE Raw, standing alongside powerhouse wrestlers such as Ivar, Sheamus, and Bron Breakker. His immense size and strength could inject a fresh level of intensity into the division, establishing him as a formidable competitor among the roster.

Alternatively, Strowman might venture into the esteemed King of the Ring Tournament, providing him with a platform to display his dominance and vie for the championship. Amidst tough competition from contenders like Gunther and Drew McIntyre, Strowman’s entry could infuse an exciting dynamic into the tournament, drawing on his past triumphs in high-stakes matches.

Braun Strowman (Via WWE/Twitter)

Moreover, Strowman’s recent partnership with Jey Uso hints at a potential tag team alliance, offering both wrestlers a chance to leave their mark in the tag team division. Drawing from his past success as a tag team champion alongside Seth Rollins, Strowman’s expertise could help reinvigorate the tag team terrain, crafting engaging narratives for fans to savor.

Lastly, Strowman’s history as a former Universal Champion positions him as a strong contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, currently held by Damian Priest. With his resurgence in the limelight, Strowman’s pursuit of championship gold and a possible rivalry with the reigning champion introduce an element of suspense to WWE Raw’s future, paving the way for riveting clashes and spectacular showdowns in the wrestling ring.

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