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Former WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal reveals New Persona After WWE Departure

Triple H (Via WWE/Twitter)

Former WWE wrestler Jinder Mahal, also known as the Modern Day Maharaja, recently parted ways with the WWE after an illustrious eight-year tenure, notably marked by his WWE Championship victory over Randy Orton in 2017. Post-release, Mahal, whose real name is Yuvraj Dhesi, has taken steps to trademark the name “Raj Dhesi” and his moniker “The Maharaja.” These trademarks cover a range of entertainment services linked to wrestling, including live performances, personal appearances, and online content featuring professional wrestling and sports entertainment, signaling his intention to forge ahead with a fresh persona in the wrestling world.

In the aftermath of his departure, Jinder Mahal found himself immersed in a Twitter feud with another WWE Superstar, indicating possible discontent with the lack of public backing from certain peers.

Jinder Mahal (Via WWE/Twitter)

The departure of Mahal, alongside female wrestler Xia Li, garnered a wave of solidarity from fellow WWE colleagues like Chelsea Green, shedding light on potential rifts within the wrestling community following Mahal’s exit. Mahal’s response to Green’s supportive message hinted at underlying tensions within the industry.

Mahal’s WWE journey unfolded in two distinct phases, commencing with his initial four-year spell from 2010 to 2014, followed by a comeback in 2016 after a hiatus in the independent wrestling circuit. His resurgence saw him ascend to fame on SmackDown, leading to a WWE Championship reign and a subsequent US Title victory at WrestleMania 34. Despite these feats, Mahal’s recent release caught fans and colleagues off guard, leaving many surprised by his sudden departure. As he gos on a new chapter in his wrestling career, uncertainties loom over Jinder Mahal’s future endeavors in the wrestling world.

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