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Cody Rhodes’ Move to SmackDown and Upcoming WWE Battles

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

In a recent announcement, WWE has officially confirmed the transfer of Cody Rhodes to the SmackDown roster. This move follows discussions about protected picks for the Draft to ensure champions from both brands are safeguarded. Rhodes, formerly part of RAW, now resides on SmackDown after securing the Undisputed WWE Title. This decision appears to be permanent, exempting him from the upcoming Draft despite not being initially chosen for SmackDown in the previous draft. His status on the brand remains secure, adhering to Draft rules that lock rosters after the RAW post WWE Backlash.

As the reigning champion on SmackDown, Rhodes is preparing to face his first challenger for the WWE Title post his remarkable triumph over Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. The spotlight shines brightly on Rhodes as he readies himself to defend his title, with AJ Styles slated to be his inaugural No. 1 Contender at Backlash.

Triple H and Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

Excitement and anticipation permeate the air as the two wrestlers recently inked the contract for the title match during a SmackDown episode. Rhodes, now tasked with defending his championship, must be poised for any unforeseen challenges that may come his way.

Following his selection for SmackDown, Rhodes was promptly challenged by Carmelo Hayes to a match on the same night. Despite initial hesitation, Rhodes eventually embraced the challenge, setting the stage for an intense showdown later in the evening. The WWE universe eagerly awaits the result of this high-stakes match, heightening the drama and unpredictability surrounding Rhodes’ journey on SmackDown. With new challenges and competitors rising, Rhodes must maintain focus and determination as he navigates his tenure as the WWE champion on SmackDown.

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