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A Reflective Journey: Montez Ford’s WWE Evolution

Montez Ford and Angelo dokins of The Street Profits (Via WWE/Twitter)

Montez Ford recently took to Instagram to share his heartfelt reflections on his WWE journey. Part of The Pride faction and involved in a fiery rivalry with Karrion Kross, Ford and his group clinched a significant victory at WrestleMania in the Philadelphia Street Fight. Despite not reaching the pinnacle of individual success, Ford expressed deep gratitude towards WWE for molding his career during the past nine transformative years, shaping him both personally and professionally.

In his reflective post, Ford highlighted WWE’s pivotal role in making the last nine years the most fulfilling period of his life. Addressing criticisms of his role alongside his wife, Bianca Belair, Ford emphasized that there is untapped potential within him waiting to be unleashed.

Montez Ford (Via WWE/Twitter)

He confidently assured fans of exciting upcoming ventures as they navigate their way through the wrestling terrain, eagerly anticipating the WWE Draft to determine his and The Pride faction’s future within the company.

As the WWE Draft looms closer, Montez Ford eagerly anticipates the event’s impact on both his individual journey and the trajectory of The Pride faction. With the draft fast approaching, Ford finds himself in a state of suspense, considering the potential rivalries and opportunities that may unfold in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling. This upcoming draft marks a pivotal moment for Ford and his peers, ushering in a new chapter in their wrestling endeavors, where his unwavering determination and appreciation towards WWE serve as beacons guiding them through the future challenges that lie ahead.

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