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The Creed Brothers’ Surprising Heel Turn and Title Win on RAW

WWE RAW (Via WWE/Twitter)

The latest episode of Monday Night RAW showcased a World Tag Team Championship match between Awesome Truth and DIY. However, a massive twist unfolded as the Creed Brothers launched a brutal attack on Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa backstage, turning heel and replacing DIY in the title match. Julius Creed and Brutus Creed shocked the WWE Universe by clinching the World Tag Team Championships, setting the stage for exciting developments on the red brand.

The decision for the Creed Brothers to go heel and secure the Tag Team Titles on RAW brings a fresh perspective to their characters. Since their debut on the main roster, they have struggled to make a significant impact, leading to a lackluster babyface run. By ambushing DIY and claiming the championship, they signal a powerful start to their villainous journey, charming the audience’s attention and injecting new life into their WWE personas.

Alpha Academy and Chad Gable (Via WWE/Twitter)

The wrestling world has yet to witness the full potential of the Creed Brothers’ dark side since April 4, 2022. Repackaging them as formidable heels not only revitalizes their image but also opens doors to exciting possibilities in the WWE terrain. Additionally, aligning with Chad Gable adds another layer of intrigue, as fans eagerly anticipate a new faction forming on RAW, underlining the trio’s dominance and setting the stage for intense rivalries.

Turning heel also sets the stage for a high-octane feud between the Creed Brothers and DIY. As the WWE Draft looms ahead, the tag team division on RAW requires compelling storylines, and this rivalry promises thrilling matches and charming drama. By initiating a ruthless assault on Gargano and Ciampa, the Creed Brothers lay the foundation for a blockbuster showdown, reigniting the tag team scene and building momentum as they head into a potentially explosive clash with DIY.

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