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Jared Goff Explains His Earlier Critical Comments Towards Detroit Media

Jared Goff (Via NFL/Twitter)

Lions quarterback Jared Goff offered clarification on Tuesday regarding his earlier comments about the Detroit media’s perceived negativity, emphasizing that his intention was not to disregard positive coverage.

“There’s been a ton of positivity. It may have got twisted a little bit, as things do. I was speaking in reference to the question I was asked at that press conference,” Goff explained.

“I was not saying there aren’t any positive news, I wouldn’t really know, but they have been positive to me. I was saying that I think sometimes, some of the people, enjoy the negative news and I don’t think that’s necessarily specific to Detroit.”

Jared Goff (Via NFL/Twitter)

He further expanded, suggesting that his observation pertained more broadly to media dynamics beyond Detroit. Goff expressed his appreciation for the positive support he has received and acknowledged the broader trends in sports media.

Earlier this month, Goff had expressed his views during an appearance on the Willbo’s “Trading Cards” podcast, citing the media’s penchant for negativity.

However, he also emphasized the need to focus on the team’s achievements, such as their recent successes, including seven Pro Bowl selections for the 2023 season.

Jared Goff (Via NFL/Twitter)

Goff’s comments came amidst his involvement in philanthropic efforts, including presenting a $50,000 check to the local nonprofit Give Merit’s FATE program. At the event, he also honored Lions superfans and bid farewell to retiring team director Elton Moore.

Reflecting on his time in Detroit, where he led the team to their first NFC Championship Game appearance since 1991, Goff expressed a desire for a positive shift in media coverage, urging a focus on the team’s future rather than past failures.

Looking ahead, Goff remains committed to his role with the Lions, emphasizing his focus on helping the team succeed and his interest in reaching a contract extension. Despite external noise, his priority lies in contributing to the team’s growth and success on the field.

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