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A New Era for WWE Tag Team Titles: Grayson Waller’s Bold Move

Grayson Waller and Austin Theory (Via WWE/Twitter)

On the latest SmackDown episode, Triple H introduced new championship belts for Grayson Waller and Austin Theory, causing a stir by replacing the existing ones. The tension escalated when Waller scorned Triple H’s handshake gesture, leading to repercussions from SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis. Aldis issued a severe warning, hinting at dire consequences if Waller and Theory don’t mend their ways. As the WWE Draft 2024 looms, Waller faces a crucial decision to distance himself from the blue brand.

One compelling reason for Waller to switch brands is to showcase Aldis’ authority as SmackDown’s GM. Aldis made it clear that he won’t tolerate insubordination, establishing himself as a formidable figure. Waller’s move to RAW following the recent debacle would reinforce the message that misconduct won’t be tolerated under Aldis’ leadership. The shift would set a precedent for accountability and discipline among the roster.

Grayson Waller (Via WWE/Twitter)

Additionally, a brand switch could offer Waller and Theory a fresh start in their careers. Having been associated with SmackDown for a considerable period, the duo’s transition to Monday Night RAW as the new WWE Tag Team Champions could rejuvenate their storyline. Proposing this move during the upcoming WWE Draft could shield them from further clashes with Aldis, paving the way for a positive trajectory in their wrestling journey.

The evolution of WWE’s championship structure, with titles no longer tied to specific brands, adds another layer to Waller’s potential move. The introduction of interchangeable titles by Triple H eliminates the issue of tag team championships changing brands unpredictably. This shift provides Waller and Theory a compelling reason to opt for RAW, fostering new rivalries and narratives within the tag team division. Furthermore, it opens up opportunities for other teams, like Awesome Truth, to explore fresh dynamics on SmackDown.

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