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A Heartfelt Message from Drew McIntyre to Former WWE Stablemate Jinder Mahal

Drew McIntyre (Via WWE/Twitter)

The recent departure of Jinder Mahal from WWE, along with other performers like Sanga, Veer Mahaan, Xia Li, and Xyon Quinn, left many fans surprised. Speculations arose regarding dissatisfaction over the treatment of Indian-origin talents in the company. Drew McIntyre, in response to the sudden releases, shared a touching message on Twitter, reminiscing about their time together in the 3MB group. Despite facing challenges, the trio of Mahal, McIntyre, and Heath Slater managed to leave a mark in fans’ hearts with their comedic act.

Jinder Mahal’s journey in WWE was marked by ups and downs, starting with his unexpected rise to the WWE Championship in 2017, which initially raised doubts among viewers. However, Mahal’s tenure as Champion proved his capabilities, silencing many skeptics.

Jinder Mahal (left) & Drew McIntyre (right) (Via WWE/Twitter)

Even his recent segment with The Rock received positive feedback from fans. Despite a subsequent push for the World Heavyweight Championship, his momentum dwindled. With his exit from WWE, the future holds uncertainty for Mahal, a seasoned professional who could excel in any promotion he chooses to join.

As the wrestling world ponders about Jinder Mahal’s next move post-WWE, fans and colleagues alike reflect on his impact in the industry. Drew McIntyre’s message not only signifies their shared history but also hints at the resilience and potential Mahal possesses in carving out a new path for himself. The support and admiration from peers like McIntyre highlight the camaraderie and respect within the wrestling community, transcending the scripted rivalries and alliances seen on screen. Only time will tell where Jinder Mahal’s journey leads him next, but one thing remains certain – his legacy in WWE and beyond is etched in the memories of fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

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