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WWE Superstar Ivar Faces Josh Briggs In Tense Showdown

WWE RAW (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE Superstar Ivar recently faced off against Josh Briggs in a high-stakes match on the latest episode of NXT. Ivar’s return to WWE NXT the previous week immediately caught the attention of fans, particularly as he aimed for the North American Championship currently held by Oba Femi. Despite Josh Briggs nursing injuries from a prior match, he was not willing to relinquish his spot in the title picture without a fierce battle. Following a tense confrontation backstage, both wrestlers agreed to settle their dispute in the ring to determine who would earn the opportunity to challenge Oba Femi next.

The match kicked off with Ivar taking the lead, unleashing a series of back elbows in the corner, showcasing his dominance. Meanwhile, Oba Femi observed closely from backstage, scouting his potential contenders.

IVAR (Via WWE/Twitter)

Despite Josh Briggs’s courageous efforts, his existing rib injuries hindered his performance, making him an easy target for Ivar’s attacks. Undeterred by his recent defeat against Sheamus on WWE RAW, Ivar remained determined throughout the match. The 304-pound wrestler delivered a powerful Tiger Slam followed by his signature Moonsault, clinching a crucial victory.

Post-match, Oba Femi was questioned about his thoughts on Ivar’s triumph, to which he cryptically responded with ‘Interesting.’ He then swiftly exited, making a statement by taking down Oro Mensah on his way out. The wrestling world is now abuzz with speculation on whether Ivar can defy the odds and unseat the formidable Nigerian champion to become the new NXT North American Champion. The unfolding drama and unexpected twists in the NXT roster continue to charm fans, leaving them eager for more thrilling matchups and surprising outcomes.

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