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The Future of Cody Rhodes in WWE Draft

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

A recent announcement by Triple H revealed that the WWE Draft is scheduled to take place from April 26-29 on SmackDown and RAW. While the specific brand allocations remain unknown, speculations have arisen regarding Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Cody Rhodes potentially becoming a regular on SmackDown following a recent promo on RAW. In his promo, Rhodes depicted himself as a SmackDown Superstar, implying that RAW now belonged to Main Event Jey Uso. Reports from the Wrestling Observer suggest that Rhodes’ promo on RAW served as his farewell speech to the red brand, emphasizing his alignment with SmackDown.

Triple H’s recent booking decisions subtly indicate Cody Rhodes’ shift to SmackDown. The revealing of the new World Tag Team Title on RAW, resembling the design of the World Heavyweight title and the Women’s World Title, hints at potential brand retentions. Given Rhodes’ status as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, his future seems destined for SmackDown, where his title design would be more fitting. Furthermore, the likelihood of his Backlash opponents, AJ Styles or LA Knight, being part of the blue brand further solidifies Rhodes’ potential move to SmackDown.

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

Another crucial factor contributing to Cody Rhodes’ anticipated permanent transition to SmackDown is his historical rival, Roman Reigns, who currently resides on the blue brand. Reigns, known as the Tribal Chief, dominated SmackDown during his extensive reign as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. With Reigns likely to continue his tenure on SmackDown, it appears logical for Rhodes to follow suit. Triple H himself commended Rhodes during a post-WrestleMania 40 press conference, highlighting him as the ideal figure to lead WWE in its new era, resonating with various demographics within the WWE fanbase.

Cody Rhodes’ future in the WWE Draft seems destined for SmackDown, aligning with various indicators such as his recent promo, potential opponents, and the presence of Roman Reigns on the blue brand. With Triple H’s endorsement and fan support, Rhodes emerges as a significant figure poised to lead the company into the next chapter, embodying the essence of the ”Triple H Era.”

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