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Naomi Ready to Challenge Bayley for WWE Women’s Championship

Bayley (Via WWE/Twitter)

Naomi, the former Damage CTRL leader, made history by winning the Royal Rumble Match this year, setting the record for the longest time spent in the contest. Her next goal was to challenge her former stablemate, IYO SKY, for the WWE Women’s Championship, which she did at The Show of Shows and emerged victoriously in an impressive showdown.

In a recent interview with WWE backstage correspondent Kayla Braxton on The SmackDown Lowdown, Naomi expressed her excitement about facing her long-time friend, Bayley, in the upcoming match. The 36-year-old wrestler confidently stated her intentions to dethrone The Role Model and seize the Women’s Championship.

Naomi (Via WWE/Twitter)

During the same week, the new Women’s Champion, Bayley, took the stage to address the audience, acknowledging past differences with fans while appreciating their steadfast support. However, her speech was interrupted by the ambitious Tiffany Stratton, a rising star in the WWE, who boldly expressed her desire for a title shot, challenging Bayley’s plans to grant Naomi the first opportunity.

Following the confrontation, Naomi swiftly stepped up to face Stratton in an impromptu match and emerged victorious, earning herself a shot at the championship title. As the WWE fans await the anticipated showdown between Naomi and Bayley, the question lingers whether Naomi can replicate her winning performance and potentially claim the coveted Women’s Championship title.

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