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Dominik Mysterio Faces Wrestlers’ Court Amidst Alleged ‘Assaults’ on Finn Balor

Dominik Mysterio (Via WWE/Twitter)

A former WWE Universal Champion has expressed his frustration towards Dominik Mysterio’s actions in the ring, hinting at taking legal action within the wrestling community. Known for his recent heel turn and alliance with The Judgment Day, Dominik Mysterio has been stirring controversy with his supposed ‘accidental’ attacks on Finn Balor, a fellow wrestler. Despite his rising star status and multiple wins as the NXT North American Champion, Mysterio’s actions have sparked a heated debate within the WWE universe.

In response to a fan’s tweet, Finn Balor publicly called out Dominik Mysterio, suggesting that it might be time to bring the matter to the wrestlers’ court. Mysterio, on the other hand, swiftly defended himself, claiming that the incidents were unintended. However, fans remain skeptical given the frequency of these alleged mishaps involving Balor. The tension between the two wrestlers has raised eyebrows and fueled speculation about the future of The Judgment Day, the faction they both belong to.

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio (Via WWE/Twitter)

Addressing concerns about a potential breakup of The Judgment Day, Mysterio emphasized the strong bond within the group, describing them as a ‘tight little family’ that has defied expectations. Despite recent controversies, the faction continues to hold both world titles on RAW, with Damian Priest securing the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40. Nonetheless, setbacks were faced as Priest and Balor lost the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship at a recent event.

As fans and critics weigh in on Dominik Mysterio’s actions and the fate of The Judgment Day, the wrestling community remains divided. With tensions running high and the wrestlers’ court looming as a possible next step, the future of these rivalries and alliances hangs in the balance. Will Mysterio’s alleged ‘assaults’ lead to a showdown in the court of his peers, or can the tensions be resolved within the ring? The WWE universe eagerly awaits the next chapter in this unfolding drama.

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