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The Exciting Fallout of WrestleMania XL with Damian Priest as the New WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Damian Priest and Finn Balor (Via WWE/Twitter)

The aftermath of WrestleMania XL sees Damian Priest emerging as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a move that has garnered immense praise from fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Notably, there have been rumblings about a potential connection between Priest and former WWE Superstar Lana, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the unfolding events. Priest’s victory came about through a dramatic cash-in of his Money in The Bank briefcase on Night Two of WrestleMania XL, where he decisively defeated Drew McIntyre for the championship title. This surprising turn of events occurred shortly after McIntyre had secured the title from Seth Rollins, following Priest and Finn Balor’s loss of the Undisputed Tag Team Championship in the Six-Pack Ladder Match on Night One.

In recent times, Damian Priest and CJ Perry, previously known as Lana, have been spotted together in various social media posts, fuelling speculation about their relationship status.

Damian Priest (Via WWE/Twitter)

The gossip mill hit overdrive when the pair was seen at a post-RAW celebration in Philadelphia, captured in a photo with Priest engaging in conversation with Jimmy Uso while Perry looked on. Adding fuel to the fire, the AEW star took to Instagram to congratulate Priest on becoming WWE’s first Puerto Rican champion since Pedro Morales, further stoking rumors about a potential romance between the two.

CJ Perry, in her social media posts, shared a group photo featuring herself, Priest, Priest’s brother Alex, JoJo Offerman, and other friends, expressing gratitude to her supporters and acknowledging the presence of wrestling luminaries like Ric Flair and Dolph Ziggler in the images. The post also shed light on Perry’s separation from her husband Miro, also known as Rusev, since winter 2023, with both parties affirming their intent to move forward as friends following their decision to part ways. Despite her absence from WWE since July 2021, Perry had a prominent presence during WrestleMania XL Weekend, engaging in signings, parties, and attending the event live, showcasing her enduring connection to the wrestling world.

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