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Revenge Unraveled: Fallout from WWE WrestleMania XL Continues on SmackDown

WrestleMania 40 and WWE Fans (Via WWE/Twitter)

The aftermath of WWE WrestleMania XL reverberated on tonight’s SmackDown as unresolved tensions simmered. Dragon Lee, a rising star, still seeks retribution following a pre-WrestleMania assault by an undisclosed assailant. This vicious attack led to Dragon missing his scheduled WrestleMania debut alongside Rey Mysterio, with Andrade stepping in to secure victory for the babyfaces with the unexpected help of NFL stars Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson. The mystery surrounding Dragon Lee’s assailant lingers, casting a shadow over his future in the ring and fueling his determination to uncover the truth.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Dragon Lee’s return timeline and the nature of his injuries, his resolve to reveal the perpetrator remains unwavering. As anticipation builds for his eventual comeback, the WWE universe eagerly awaits the revealing of the culprit behind the heinous pre-WrestleMania attack that derailed Dragon’s WrestleMania aspirations.

WWE SmackDown and Nick Aldis (Via WWE/Twitter)

Meanwhile, speculations and theories run rife within the wrestling community, with fans theorizing about potential heel turns and clandestine motives behind the assault.

In a dramatic turn of events, Kayla Braxton’s interview with Legado Del Fantasma shed light on the faction’s denial of involvement in Dragon Lee’s assault. Santos Escobar adamantly refuted any accusations, asserting their innocence while redirecting attention to pressing matters at hand. Despite suspicions pointing towards Legado Del Fantasma, WWE has hinted at alternative suspects, including Carlito and Andrade, adding layers of intrigue to the unfolding narrative. The intricate web of alliances and rivalries within the WWE universe continues to evolve, leaving fans charmd by the unfolding drama and the impending resolution to Dragon Lee’s quest for justice.

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