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WWE Wrestlers Who Sparked Controversy And Disappeared From TV

Triple H (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE, the renowned professional wrestling company, is no stranger to both grand moments and occasional controversies. Throughout its history, numerous stars have found themselves written off television due to conflicts with higher-ups. The sudden absence of a talent can stir fan discussions, especially when it occurs amidst an ongoing storyline. Let’s go into six instances where WWE took stars off TV following controversies.

Drew Gulak, a prominent figure in WWE programming, was recently removed after an allegation from Ronda Rousey. Rousey claimed that Gulak inappropriately touched her backstage at an event, leading to his temporary exit. Gulak clarified on Twitter that it was accidental and merely a gesture to shake Rousey’s hand. Despite his return to NXT, his absence from recent episodes hints at a potential investigation pending resolution before his comeback.

Randy Orton, a wrestling legend and future Hall of Famer, faced his share of troubles, including a suspension for sixty days in 2006. Initially cited for anger management issues, Orton later disclosed that the suspension was due to smoking marijuana backstage at SmackDown. This incident coincided with a storyline where Orton suffered a fabricated injury, aligning with his absence from TV.

Randy Orton (Via WWE/Twitter)

Shawn Spears, formerly Tye Dillinger, encountered displeasure from WWE officials for unintentionally garnering excessive fan support. The enthusiastic chants of “ten” by fans became a point of contention, leading to backstage repercussions for Spears. Despite his departure for AEW, Spears returned to WWE, showcasing resilience in going the industry’s dynamics.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, despite ruffling feathers by deviating from creative directives, managed to sustain successful careers within WWE. Their impromptu actions during a SmackDown episode in Manchester prompted their early return from a European tour, resulting in backstage tensions and subsequent TV absence. The duo’s defiance led to a temporary hiatus from WWE TV, underscoring the delicate balance between creative autonomy and company expectations.

Rey Mysterio, a fan-favorite and WWE Hall of Famer, faced a suspension in 2009 for violating the company’s Wellness Policy while holding the Intercontinental Title. Following the policy breach, Mysterio gracefully relinquished the championship to John Morrison before serving his suspension. This episode highlighted the strict adherence to WWE’s policies and the repercussions for non-compliance, even for revered talents like Mysterio.

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